Overcoming key issues around the acceptance of NH3 in commercial marine engines

This theme assembles engineering and social science experts with key industry and broader stakeholders to evaluate perceived barriers to green ammonia adoption across maritime.  

Initially adopting a technology agnostic approach, green ammonia life cycle impacts, economics and social impacts will be scrutinised against key competing decarbonisation solutions.  

The research undertaken in this theme encompasses comprehensive stakeholder mapping and engagement events throughout the programme, both within marine and beyond.  

Cargo vessel in port

Research team

Theme leaders
  • Prof Jon McKechnie
  • Prof Kevin Morgan
  • Dr Ajith Ambalakatte
  • Dr Steven Begg
  • Prof Alasdair Cairns
  • Prof Rick Delbridge
  • Stephen Meek
  • Reese Murugan
  • Dr Laura Norris
  • Dr Vikas Sharma
  • Prof Athanasios Tsolakis
  • Prof Agustin Valera-Medina