The MariNH3 research team publishes high quality papers in leading journals. Published papers are listed below.

Title Authors Journal DOI Date
Evaluation of E10 and NH3 Co-fuelling in a Modern Spark Ignition Engine Ambalakatte A, Geng S, Cairns A, La Rocca A, Harrington A, Hall J, Bassett M Powertrain Systems for a Sustainable Future Dec 2023
The Potential of Alcohol Mix as Sustainable Fuel for Dual-fuel Low-temperature Combustion Sharma V, Thomas J, Govindan N, Duraisamy G Powertrain Systems for a Sustainable Future Dec 2023
Evaluation of Ammonia Co-fuelling in Modern Four Stroke Engines Ambalakatte A, Abdelrahman H, Geng S, Cairns A, Harrington A, Hall J, Bassett M Johnson Matthey Technical Review Nov 2023
Ammonia Combustion in Furnaces: A Review Valera-Medina A, Vigueras-Zuniga M, Shi H, Mashruk S, Alnajideen M, Alnasif A, Davies J, Wang Y, Zhu X, Yang W, Cheng Y International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Nov 2023
Pathways to Decarbonization of Deep-Sea Shipping: An Aframax Case Study Farrukh S, Li M, Kouris G, Wu D, Dearn K, Yerasimou Z, Diamantis P, Andrianos K. Energies Nov 2023
Evolution of Ammonia Reaction Mechanisms and Modeling Parameters: A Review Alnasif A, Mashruk S, Shi H, Alnajideen M, Wang P, Pugh D,  Valera-Medina A Applications in Energy and Combustion Science Sep 2023
Performance Investigation of Currently Available Reaction Mechanisms in the Estimation of NO Measurements: A Comparative Study Alnasif A, Mashruk S, Hayashi M, Jójka J, Shi H, Hayakawa A, Valera-Medina A Energies Apr 2023