MariNH3 Research Fellows and PhD students came together face to face for the first time for a two-day event at University of Nottingham enabling them to get to know one another, encourage collaboration and to help them define and drive their own career development.

Eleven Research Fellows & PhD students have been recruited to the MariNH3 programme since it began on 1 July 2022. Being spread across five UK institutions, this was the first time they’d met together in person.

The event began with a team-building activity led by an ex-police officer which saw them investigating a crime scene and solving a murder. It encouraged them to get to know one another and work as a team. The second day focused on themselves as researchers and how the MariNH3 programme team can support their early career researcher development.

The opportunities at their fingertips are endless. With research support networks at each of the partner academic institutions, industry partners covering a wide range of sectors from legislation through to engine manufacture, and by working with investigators who are all leaders in their own field of expertise, our early career researchers have opportunities to network, develop their own skills and pursue their own research areas throughout the five years of the MariNH3 programme.

Dr Vikas Sharma, Research Fellow at University of Brighton, said: “I appreciate your time and effort to arrange the event. It was amazing to meet everyone in one place.”

Dr Laura Norris, Research Fellow at Cardiff University added: “It was such a fantastic way to build relationships across different disciplines. As a social scientist I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the labs, it gave me lots to think about with the pioneering work we are undertaking around the acceptance of green ammonia as a maritime fuel.”

MariNH3 Programme Director, Professor Alasdair Cairns, said: “Supporting the career development of our Research Fellows and PhD students is a fundamental part of our research programme. We will be helping them at every opportunity to make the most of the resources we have available to further their own careers.

We have an enormously talented group working on the programme, and this is just the start of their journey.”

MariNH3 researchers ready to investigate a crime scene

MariNH3 researchers ready to investigate a crime scene